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The Leadership Challenge with 360 degree feedback

  • 2 jours



    • Receive the background to TLC
    • Have an overview of the 5 Practices :
    • Model The Way / Inspire a shared vision / Challenge the Process / Enable others to Act / Encourage the Heart

    Introduction to 360

    • Feedback   
    • Get an overview of the feedback process
    • Learn how to read the report
    • Consider how to take in key messages

    Report reading over coffee

    • Take time to read the report
    • Fill in a document on key insights / key surprises

    Paired sharing

    • Work in pairs to discuss key insights and consider the question: 
    • What does this mean for me as a leader / what adaptations should I consider.

    Q and A /Circle of control

    • Have any doubts or questions about the 360 answered
    • Review Stephen Covey’s concept that effective people focus on what they can control / influence rather than those they cannot. This frames the rest of the day.

    Model The Way

    • Understand the key aspects of Model The Way
    • Carry out an activity: Personal Credo - How your second in command should run the team if you went on a 1 year sabbatical
    • Have a peer review of Personal Credo
    • Have a group discussion: How to ensure we Model The Way at OUR ORANISATION

    Inspire A shared vision

    • Understand the value of vision in engagement
    • Carry out a small group discussion / activity : Organisational vision and your team vision defined

    Challenge the Process

    • Learn the key aspects of Challenge the Process
    • Carry out “A case for change”: A mini facilitated process for working on a real issue that needs changing

    Enable Others to Act 

    • Understand the key aspects of Enable others to Act
    • Finalise a Team Performance diagnostic
    • Consider actions to build trust and team performance

    Encourage the Heart

    • Key Aspects of Encourage the Heart
    • Facilitated discussion: How to practically encourage the heart  at YOUR ORGANISATION

    Paired reflection

    • Work in pairs to reflect on the flow of the day and key insights

    Action planning

    • Write down key insights, learning and concepts from the module.
    • Develop a list of potential post course actions to take from this module
    • Design four clear actions to take from the complete day
    • Partner with a buddy to share plans and arrange a follow up day.




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